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Founded at the crossroads of advertising, TV and entertainment, CalinGeorgescu is a strategic creative firm that provides innovative solutions in a wide range of branding related services

An approach that gets you where you want to be
"We need to forget about the agency culture and start it all over again with a fresh, profound and direct approach. The prize is the chance to really uncover the soul of a brand, polish it, and see it permeates every form of communication. Regaining the intimacy to discover great things and having the power to make them happen we integrate strategic consulting, advertising, media, interactive, design and promotion into a powerful engine for a brand.  
However, we never forget that this is the business of making brands famous. Brands should aspire to fame, to that state of being known and admired.
In business terms, it should get into the consideration set, on the shopping list, command the tag price.
To achieve this, we bring in our experience, creative thinking and that kind of integrated approach which is the marketing equivalent of smart bombs precision targeting that gets you exactly where you need to be."

1Strategic Consulting 2Brand Identity 3Naming 4Visual Identity 5WrittenIdentity 6Advertising & Promotions 7Marketing Media
It's not 7 disparate services stuck together. The way we do business, seamlessly and fully integrated, makes life easier for our clients who want one-stop branding, advertising, marketing, media, interactive, and production services.

Calin GEORGESCU: "Our vision for a brand goes beyond advertising. It permeates everything from influencing new product development to changing employee behavior, from in-store signage and promotions to how the company answers the phone, and everything in between, a vision that will always create a consistent message about the brand."

Our mission is to do great work for deserving clients, in a healthy working environment, to realize our clients' goals and our potentials. Our working history speaks for itself, many of our clients are leaders in their fields and our services over the last 12 years significantly contributed to their growth. See bellow a list.

See below the detailed list of services. Send us an e- mail at if you want to receive our creative portofolio.

1 Strategic consulting

More than anything else, brand strategy drives your business and keeps it focused. Through discussion and research, we’ll challenge you to identify the values your brand represents—or will come to represent. Ultimately, these values direct your promotions, the behaviours of staff, and the whole customer experience. So identifying the right ones pays dividends. The strategy we develop will govern the long-term future of the brand, while providing a set of behaviours and objectives that can be accomplished over the near-term.

2 Brand identity
Good, strong strategy lays the foundation for a successful brand. But it achieves its power through compelling words and striking design. Of course, logo design just scratches the surface. Our experienced creative people have designed some of the most far-reaching customer statements and communications materials around.

3 Naming
Descriptive, associative or abstract – the name represents the root of any new brand development. We work up literally hundreds of options before culling them to a shortlist which best reflects the brand strategy. We involve our client closely at this stage of the process so we can create just the right associations. Because of increasing globalization, we also test names to uncover any latent nuances across disparate cultures.

3 Visual identity
A logo makes a powerful first impression on your audience. Over time, it’s more hidden, providing a seal of quality and a badge for your values. Great identities are iconic, standing the test of time and promoting a narrow set of values. We can create all the graphical elements – colour palette, and imagery style – which support the brand strategy and make up the design system.

4 Written identity
The right words influence the brand every bit as much as good design. We develop a guide to appropriate style for strong written communications, tailored for both internal and external audiences. Copywriters form the core readership. But non-professional writers within the company will also find many ideas to help them better communicate the brand.

5 Identity guidelines
Identity guidelines can range from simple booklets that describe the most simple requirements for implementing a new identity to a wide array of support that help implement a new identity across all your media.

6 Advertising & promotions
Great ads translate the brand into effective communications by combining a winning idea with considered implementation. Whether TV, radio, direct mail, or point of sale, we maximise the impact the brand has on the market. We focus on creating the right concept for the brand and for the campaign, then coordinate production focusing on budget efficiency.

7 Media development and marketing for media

We research, plan, strategize, develop the pilot and create the marketing and communications plan for media in broadcast, print and web. We involve from the scratch on and work along with your team, also in content development, until the launch, or even further. Because we hold an unique 12 years expertise in all aspects of media development we move easily between design, budgeting, staffing and refining the final media product for the targeted audience group.



Calin Liviu Georgescu is the founder and president of Calin Georgescu ,  the firm specialized in marketing for media, media development, branding and advertising for media. Calin Georgescu has an unique 12 years expertise in creating, launching, branding, rebranding and managing marketing for media in Romania and internationally.
As former General Manager of the Romanian subsidiary of the international advertising network YOUNG & RUBICAM ADVERTISING, Calin Georgescu sucessfully  administrated international accounts like PHILLIP MORRIS, DANONE and COLGATE PALMOLIVE while developing the media operations  for CME and MEDIAPRO in Romania. During launching and creating media brands for the market leader, MEDIAPRO, Calin Georgescu was awarded twice, for creative management and for brand creations. Because of his expertise in creating, launching and marketing local publishing operations as well as international media brands, he was appointed  by other media groups operating in Romania to develop or marketing various media products. Since 2000 his projects include rebranding, developing content and marketing for LAGARDERE radio stations in Romania as well as developing creative and marketing communications for SBS TV stations in Romania and other local media holdings.
While developing rebranding projects for national newspapers and sport newspapers the firm involved in creating and marketing television formats. Since 2004 CGM managed NATIONAL TV rebranding and new programme strategy and doubled station' s market share in the next season. CGM also launched The N24  News Television, The TRANSILVANIA TELEVISION Regional Televison Network, NATIONAL FM Radio Station and branded and launched The FAVORIT TV Music Televison.
Calin Georgescu is currently appointed by the local financial group RIFF to create and launch NEW BUSINESS MAGAZINE, the romanian first B2B magazine for CEOs and rebrand MONDO AFFARI, the monthly magazine for italian businesses in Romania.
The Founder of the Firm, Calin Georgescu, is a manager with a creative background, graduate in Filmology and Screenwriting of the FILM & TV ACADEMY in Bucharest, advertising and TV columnist, writer and TV writer. He was born in Bucharest, Romania, in 1962.

Calin Georgescu Media is a strategic creative firm that provides innovative solutions in a wide range of branding related services.